When I was a student at Southern Illinois University in 1985, I was going down the sidewalk one day to class, and I saw a man in a car beating up a woman by the side of the road. I didn’t know what to do at first, I was a physically disabled kid in a wheelchair, and I knew I couldn’t stop the man by myself. Then I had a thought. To every person who passed me by as I was on my way to class, I said there’s a man over there beating up a woman, and you need to do something about it, and help her. I said this to everyone who passed over the next several minutes. Soon there was a crowd of 30 people around the man, and they convinced him to stop beating the woman. Once I saw that there was a large crowd around the man, I went on my way.

Later that day, I met a head resident from one of the dormitories. Somehow the incident of the man beating the woman came up, and she told me that the guy in a wheelchair had come by and save the woman’s life by getting other people to help her. I never told the head resident that the guy in the wheelchair who came by was me! Actually, I’ve never told anyone this story before. On that day, I realized that even though there’s lot of things that I can’t do for myself, I can accomplish a lot of things if I can convince other people to help me do them. All by myself there’s very little that I can do, but I think that if I can convince other people to help out, together there’s almost nothing that we cannot accomplish! Sometimes a few words said at the right moment can do an awful lot! I really would like to see Sheetal Sheth on the Ellen DeGeneres show. Would you please help me out by watching our video, leaving a comment, or sharing it with your friends? I know that by myself there’s not a great chance that I will be able to convince her to have Sheetal Sheth on the show, but with your help, together, I think we might be able to do it. Would you please watch the video, and let me know what you think? Thank you!


I already posted this story on the Ellen show page on Facebook. Basically, I’m posting it here again because I thought that I just might want keep track of it in case I wanted to look back on it in the future. Please share the video with your friends, and also please leave a comment, or like the video. As I’ve said before, the more people that I can get involved in getting Sheetal Sheth on the Ellen show, the more likely it will be that my project will succeed, so I guess as it is with everything on the Internet, the key to success is to continue to post, and to continue to promote, and hope that one day my voice will be heard.