Soon after Miss New York, Nina Davuluri, won the Miss America competition, there were a large number of nasty racist tweets about her on twitter. Soon after that, someone posted the following message on her Miss New York Facebook page:

“On behalf of all sane Americans I would like to apologize for the racist and ignorant response to you winning. Please know that for every person that hated on you there are hundreds more that are happy for you and that support you. Congrats on your achievement…”

I agree with much of what he says here. There are more people who support her than who hate her, and I certainly do support her achievement. No matter where our ancestors came from all people either born in the US, or naturalized citizens, are Americans. However, I do take issue with some of what he’s saying here.

First, I don’t think he should be apologizing for other people’s racism. It sounds to me like he’s letting them off the hook when they should not be let off the hook. The only people who can apologize for their behavior are the people who committed the racist acts. I don’t feel it’s appropriate at all for him to be apologizing for their behavior.

Second, what does he mean by saying “all sane Americans”? It seems to me that he is implying that racists are insane. Once again, it seems to me that he is not holding the racists accountable for their actions. We don’t hold crazy people responsible for their actions. They are not aware of what they are doing. The things racist people say and do are wrong. However, most of them are definitely sane. They are aware of what they are saying, and what they are doing, and they should be held accountable in some way for their actions. To imply that racists are not sane is to somehow imply that they are not responsible for the things they say and do.

Often it seems in issues related to racism other people often want to apologize for the actions of others, and I find this highly inappropriate to say the least. If one did not do the deed, then one has no business apologizing for the actions of someone else. If this guy did something that he feels guilty about, then he should apologize for himself instead of appointing himself spokesman for the entire United States of America.