Hubze will be launching business profile pages!

Secure your username now!

Why is this important?

Because Hubze has plans to take on Yelp and Urbanspoon, and imagine being the first to secure very easy to share and remember usernames…so this is a chance for people to secure them before it’s too late!

They WILL be the end all directory for small business owners, and this is VERY important because unlike sites like Facebook and similar sites that WE the small business owners and users populate with our time and content, we will not get it fully populated and then start catering to BIG corporations.

You will NEVER find Verizon, or big companies like this in our directory…and they will BEG to be because they will want to access all of their users, but they will kindly tell them to go spend their big dollars eslewhere…that’s right…Hubze is going to LEVEL the playing field for ALL small business owners and Entreprenuers, and it will STAY level!

It’s not going to be who can spend the most money here, results will be based on FEEDBACK scores, so if you want to dominate at Hubze, you better start focusing on your service and support! More on that later in the days to come…

This is your chance to secure your username for what will become the premier small business directory on the Internet! I cannot emphasize to you how important it is to act now!

I know this post has nothing to do with poetry, but this poetry blog is the best blog that I have, and I’m trying to do this Internet marketing thing, so I hope that you will forgive me!

Click the link below, and check it out!

Business Profiles Launch