I hate math.
I have always hated math.

It was always my terror in school.
Boys are good at math.
And I wasn’t.
It was always a major embarrassment.

It was particularly embarrassing because I was so good at everything else.
I was particularly bad at arithmetic, and algebra.
Geometry, I was actually pretty good at.

I remember my father and mother trying to teach me when I was a child
And becoming angry, and yelling when I got the wrong answer.
Which was most of the time.

I just don’t like things that have only one correct answer.
The worst thing about mathematics is that you very rarely get credit for any of the steps.
It’s only if you get the correct answer that counts for anything.

I’m a question kind of guy.
I like questions.

Answers don’t really interest me.
Answers come and go.
Questions are eternal!

© 2012 Michael Ethan Landau all rights reserved