This is a poem by Jack Kerouac, one of my favorite poets! My dad once said that Jack Kerouac was a genius. I found this interesting because dad because I like most people associate Kerouac with the 60s, but then we must remember that while Kerouac was revered by the hippies as a founder of their movement, he completely rejected them, and their ideology. He was a man of the World War II generation like my dad was. The real beat generation was the World War II generation, not the hippies of the 60s! I think he is one of the most misunderstood poets in the world. The hippies had absolutely no idea what he was all about. They had no idea what the beat generation was all about, but they thought they did! Anyway, as far as I’m concerned, Jack Kerouac is one of the best! He has a rhythm that will never be matched!