Sometime today two American Ebola victims will be transferred to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta. Am I the only person who is terrified that a deadly disease that has killed hundreds of people will be coming to the United States? Is it the responsible thing to do to risk the lives of millions of people in order to try and save the lives of two people?

If one of the health workers taking care of them makes one mistake, and gets infected, we will have an outbreak in the US. I haven’t heard or read anyone else discussing this. Even if I’m the only one who thinks that this is an important issue to discuss, I still feel that I need to say something about it.

It’s outrageous that people  carrying  a deadly disease can be brought to the United States of America, and the American people are in no way consulted about this. If the doctors are correct, and it’s perfectly safe to have these victims here, then everything will be fine. On the other hand, if they are wrong, and somehow the virus escapes from the containment building, millions of people could die. If this virus escaped, what would stop it from wiping out the city of Atlanta, or even the United States? The plane carrying the victims could crash. If the plane flew over a conflict zone, it might be shot down. I certainly hope that the sealed off building is protected by armed guards so terrorists can’t get their hands on any of the virus.

This decision that was made to bring these people here could possibly affect the lives of millions of Americans. I don’t understand why there was no public debate, or public discussion about this before the decision was made. The American people should have the right to weigh in on something like this in some fashion. When it comes to the Center for Disease Control it seems to me that there’s almost a total lack of accountability. Who makes a decision like this? Too often in our society doctors are treated like infallible gods who can do no wrong, and are rarely questioned about the decisions that they make. They have no magic. They are not magicians. I really feel that we need to question their decisions a lot more often than we do. I’m very upset that these Ebola victims  are being  brought to the United States. I believe that we as Americans have a right to at least say whether or not we think a deadly virus should be brought into the US. Even though it’s unlikely that the Ebola virus could wipe out the United States, it’s still a possibility, and for this reason, I think it’s only fair to at least have hearings in Congress as to whether more Ebola victims should be brought into the US or not. Decisions like these could make the difference between life and death for American citizens, or maybe even the whole world. For this reason I feel that we have a right to have our voices heard, and not have these decisions made by faceless bureaucrats at the Center for Disease Control.