Ditherer in chief
Your speech
Was no relief

I hope we won’t regret too much
What your reversals
May bequeath

Oh come on now
Is Assad
Our friend now?

You can’t put out a fire
With the help of this liar

First you want to beat him
Now you want to treat him

If you want to run and hide
Then let us vote
And decide

I didn’t want war
I don’t want it now

But I don’t like your solution either
Why can’t you just let the Congress vote?
Let us have our say!
Let us say no

This deal won’t enforce
Any chemical bans
The only thing it will accomplish
Is to tie our hands

If you want to save your legacy
You better get scootin’
Your ass has just been saved
By Vladimir Putin

You always have to save yourself
You can never admit that you were wrong
And just be done with it

© 2013 Michael Ethan Landau all rights reserved