I decided to launch an effort to have Aasif Mandvi host one episode of The Daily Show this summer. This summer Jon Stewart will be will be taking a leave of absence from the show for several weeks to work on another project. During that time, John Oliver will be hosting the show. I think it would be great if Aasif Mandvi would be able to host one episode of the show, or maybe cohost one of the shows with John Oliver this summer.

In a previous post, I have said some negative things about Jon Stewart. I had considered deleting that post because I certainly would not want it to in any way effect success of this campaign. However, on second thought, I decided that I believe what I said, and I certainly hope that Jon Stewart would not hold my opinions against me. However, even if he did, I hope he would realize that I am just one voice, and that I believe that Mr. Mandvi has many fans would like to see him be given the chance to host The Daily Show. I know that I will need to get more support from people if this campaign is to be successful. At the present time, I have no idea how to do this because I cannot think of any way to contact his fans. I searched for a fan club for him on the Internet, and found nothing. If you are a fan, or you know of some fans, would you please direct them to my video? Also, if you have any thoughts on this issue please let me know. Aasif has been on The Daily Show for seven years, and delivered some excellent performances. Now is the time to let him have a chance behind the desk. Please watch my video. I would like to make clear that I am not saying that he should replace Jon Stewart, only that he should be given an opportunity to be a replacement from time to time, or at least one opportunity to do so.