It seems like recently Jon Stewart’s jokes are really just insults. Recently, he said on Twitter that Donald Trump’s birth name is F**kface Von Clownstick. What’s funny about that? To me it seems like it’s nothing more than an insult. Mostly all comedians do today is insult people. They think there is something inherently funny about vulgarity. I really don’t understand what’s wrong with people today. In the past, comedians were actually funny. Now most of them just use the F word instead of making an actual joke. I don’t think there’s anything funny about the F word, and I think that Jon Stewart’s increased use of the F word really shows that he is losing his touch. I don’t think he is very funny anymore. His comedy has really been slipping recently.

I know that very few people like Donald Trump, but I think that Stewart uses Trump as a punching bag because he knows that Trump is a humorless curmudgeon who has no ability to fight back. I really think that Jon Stewart has become a bully who just picks on people that he knows are not going to be able to come back with anything.

I also don’t like the fact that just because Trump mentioned that Stewart’s real name is Jonathan Leibowitz that some people claimed he was being anti-Semitic. I think that’s a ridiculous charge. After all that is his real name. Why should mentioning his real name be considered anti-Semitic? I am a Jew, and frankly I agree with Trump that Jews who change their last name so that it sounds more Christian are trying to in some sense deny their heritage. The reason why Jewish comedians change their names is because they don’t think they can be successful with their Jewish names. While that might be true, I think that’s not a very good reason to change one’s name. Stewart said he changed his name because he has a complicated relationship with his father. However, lots of people have complicated relationships with their father. They don’t all change their name just because they have a problem with their father. If the reason why he changed his name had to do with the problem with his father, why didn’t he just choose another Jewish name? I think people should be proud of their heritage. Claiming anti-Semitism when someone calls them on it is ridiculous. Sometimes I feel that the only reason why Jon Stewart claims his Jewish heritage at all is so his supporters can claim anti-Semitism when he gets attacked. I would like to point out that just attacking someone who happens to be Jewish is not anti-Semitism. In order for it to be anti-Semitism, the attack must be directly linked somehow to the fact that he is Jewish. I didn’t see that in what Donald Trump wrote about Stewart. If someone else did, then please feel free to leave a comment.

I understand that many people like to play the insult game. I know that I have been guilty of playing the insult game myself. I wish Donald Trump had been able to come back with a funny insult. That is usually how the insult game is played. The goal is to come back with a funnier put down than your opponent. I wonder how Stewart would have responded if Trump had come back with something like “Jon Stewart’s birth name is really “Shmuck Face Von Halfwits.” I wonder how Stewart would have responded to that. In other words, if Donald Trump had responded in kind, I think next time Jon Stewart would think twice about throwing insults at Donald Trump. I know that’s not nice, but sometimes you have to give someone right back what they give you in order to make them think twice about their behavior. Maybe if Donald Trump got someone to work with him on his comebacks, Jon Stewart might get a big surprise the next time he plays the insult game with Donald Trump.

Maybe Trump feels that doing so would be to stoop to Jon Stewart’s level, but I think sometimes a good comeback is the only way to stop a bully. I think that’s what Jon Stewart is, a bully!

I want to make clear that I don’t like Donald Trump, and I don’t support Donald Trump, but I don’t think anyone deserves to be insulted no matter how mean and nasty that person may be. I realize now that I may be contradicting myself, but I don’t think I am. Either you understand what I’m talking about, or you don’t. Probably most of you don’t.