A minority in the U.S. Senate recently voted to block can reform. These senators decided to ignore the majority of the American people because they were paid off by the NRA. I think that this is absolutely ridiculous, and we need to take the stand, and do something about it. For too long, the people who have been in favor of stronger gun laws have sat idly by while the gun owners have passionately organized a very effective campaign against common sense laws that would have saved lives. It’s time for the people who are in favor of gun control to become just as passionate, and organized as the NRA is today.

The people in the NRA believe that any law that is not 100% effective against preventing violence is not worth having. This is absolutely ridiculous. No law is 100% effective against preventing violence. If we were to take their logic to the extreme, why have any laws at all because no law can be 100% effective! There’s no question that background checks would prevent some people from being killed. Even if that would only be a small number, it would still be worth it to have them.

There is evidence from all over the world than in countries that have strict gun laws there is less violence involving guns. For example, since Australia imposed strict gun laws there has not been a single massacre in that country involving guns. Before such laws were passed there were quite a few such massacres. This should demonstrate that stricter gun laws are effective in preventing violence.

The Australians are perfectly happy living without these guns. There’s absolutely no reason why Americans can’t be happy without them. There are plenty of other things to do in life other than shooting a gun. Now many Americans seem to have this idea that in order to be free it is necessary to be able to do absolutely everything. This is absolutely crazy! Why is it necessary to be able to do absolutely everything in order to be happy? The majority of the people in the rest of the world are perfectly happy not owning guns, so there’s absolutely no reason why Americans cannot live with that state of affairs. Guns should only be in the hands of trained professionals who know how to use them safely and effectively.

Then there are the crazy people who think that if they don’t own guns, the government is going to lock them up, and take away their freedoms. First of all, there is no credible evidence that I’ve seen that the government has any plans to do this. There are conspiracy theories out there, but I’ve seen no evidence that any of it is true. Any lunatic can make the video claiming anything he wants to claim, that doesn’t make it true!

Second, if the government wanted to declare martial law, handguns and rifles would be useless anyway against the superior technology possessed by the government. As I’m sure everyone is aware the government has tanks, and air force, and drones. Even automatic weapons would be no match for the type of high technology possessed by the government, so the argument that possessing these weapons is projecting our security is absolutely ridiculous. The only thing that happens when citizens possess these types of weapons is that innocent people get killed. How many more people will end up dying before Americans come to their senses, and finally take some common sense actions to make our society a safer place? Based upon the recent actions of the United States Senate, I guess a lot more people will end up being killed before sensible gun laws are passed.

It’s time to demand a plan to reduce gun violence. Please click on the link below and check out The Mayors Against Illegal Guns website.