Someone sent this link to my friend. It is a link to a silly clock composed of nude  men

The Nude Men Clock

Be sure to click on the clock to make it digital. It’s actually the correct time even counting the seconds !!!

What kind of computer engineer mind thinks of these things ? Yipes !!


And it is NOT X-rated.

This is a masterpiece!!! This is extremely clever and it does actually work,

in BOTH formats!!!! Digital and Analog. And it’s actually on YOUR correct time.


This human clock is fantastic.

Sorry, I know this site supposed to be about poetry and stories, but sometimes something silly like this comes along, and then I post it because I can’t think of anything to write about at the moment. I feel a little embarrassed about this post. if anyone feels it’s not appropriate for the blog please let me know.  I was about to delete it ,and then I thought, what the hell, I kind of like it, so I think I’ll let it stay here for a while.