There’s only four more days left in this campaign, and I’m going all out because it’s a concept that sounds really great. Please check it out! It’s a new button for websites and blogs that will recognize great content and give to charity at the same time! CentUp is an intentionally simple button that lives next to all kinds of web content. It lets people toss a few cents at blog posts, photos, videos, and songs they really love. The kicker? Half that money goes to charity.

I’m posting this message here, first and foremost because I love the concept, but also because the person who refers the most people to the campaign wins a prize, so I’m trying to refer as many people as possible! I thought I should be transparent, and tell you that I will benefit if you use my link to join the campaign! Click the link below and check it out! Also, I purchased a blogger package from them, so they’re going to give me a Centup button for this blog! How cool is that?