I’ve been doing some thinking about the tragedy in Newtown Connecticut in which 20 children were murdered. Every time something like this happens there is always talk about doing something for a few weeks, or months, and then everyone forgets about it, and nothing is ever done to try to prevent such a terrible thing from happening again!

I think this time around thing should be different. This time around, we should really try it actually do something to stop this from happening instead of just forgetting about it until the next terrible incident occurs. Let’s really try to do something about it this time instead of just talking about it, and doing nothing like we’ve done every single time in the past! If we want things to change, then we need to do it, and we need to start now!

I’m not a political person at all. I can’t stand politicians, and politics, but this time I realize that if I want things to change, then I need to get involved with the process. If I want politicians to do something, then I need to tell them that they need to do it! Maybe won’t do anything, but there’s a much greater chance of something actually being done if I make an effort to do something about it rather than sitting on my behind, and doing nothing! The thought occurred to me that politicians do nothing because their constituents really don’t care if they do nothing. If we want them to do something, then we have to do something ourselves, and we need to tell them just exactly what we want them to do.

I found this website which lists some measures that politicians could take to prevent these terrible tragedies in the future. I believe that it is our responsibility as citizens to go to this website, and tell our politicians that this time around we actually want them to do something! This time around, we  are not going to let them get away with doing nothing as they always have done in the past!

Please click the link below, and let’s get the process started!