This past Sunday I went to a poetry forum at the library in my town. There was an presentation erasure poetry given by the poet Joanne Diaz. Erasure is a process by which a poem may be created from any text passage by erasing words from the text. I think it’s a wonderful way to come up with new ideas for poems particularly when you are having trouble thinking of something to write about. We even did an erasure as part of the presentation, and it was very interesting to see how each person was able to create a totally different poem using the same text. I really enjoyed the process the very much. I have great difficulty with the physical act of writing because I am physically disabled, and the erasure poem activity was the first one that I was able to take part in because all that it required physically was crossing out words on a page. In just a few minutes, I was able to create a poem when I would never have been to write such a poem in such a short period of time. Here is a link to great website where you can write your own erasure poem.