If you don’t give up, there’s always hope!

I still have some life left
I still have some fight
I will make this happen
If it takes all night

It may seem hopeless
It may seem grim
But if we quit now
We will never win

So grab a bucket
Or grab an oar
I still have some strength left
So let’s bar the door

As long as my lungs still draw breath
it ain’t over!

© 2012 Michael Ethan Landau all rights reserved

Below Is my favorite episode from season one!



Nice Girls Crew is like art and poetry. It’s never going to be something that millions of people are going to like. It’s always going to be an acquired taste, but that’s precisely why you should support it because if people who like art and poetry don’t support it, it’s just going to disappear and then all we will be left with is crap like reality TV! That would be a terrible thing. If you like it, then you should support it, so it can continue to be produced! If you don’t support it, who will?


My favorite actress Sheetal Sheth is one of the stars of Nice Girls Crew season two.

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