“an eternal flame for the soul of Menachem Mendel Landau son of Shaya Yitzchak and Chana”

Below his name are the dates of his birth and his death

“may his soul be bound in the eternal bond of life”

(The Hebrew translation of what it says on a memorial plaque in Israel.)


You always wanted me to call you that, but I never did.

I hate memorial plaques
and all religious things

They don’t remind me of you
No good memories do they bring

I don’t understand such things
they don’t mean anything to me
I don’t know if you have a soul
but if so, I hope it’s free

The thing I regret most
Is that I did not give you enough time
When you were alive.

At least I gave you some time.
There were those who did not give you any
I wish I could have been a better son.


© 2012 Michael Ethan Landau all rights reserved