I went to dinner last week
The person at the table next to mine
Took a picture of his dinner
And posted it to twitter

I think this trend is madness
People today
They want to record
Every moment of their lives
And share it on twitter

I’m going to the store
I’m eating
I’m drinking
I’m chatting with friends

Who cares?
Why is this important?
Why should I be interested
In every moment of your life?
Why should you be interested in mine?

We are fast becoming
A culture of narcissists
Who believe that our every act
Word, thought, and movement
Is an accomplishment
Fit to be trumpeted from the rooftops!

We are in danger of drowning
In this never-ending stream
Of trivia, minutia, and rubbish!
One wonders how worthwhile thought is even possible!
Is this poem an example of the very thing that it rails against?

© 2012 Michael Ethan Landau all rights reserved