John Carter of Mars

 John Carter is a Civil War veteran from Virginia. He is a character in the trilogy of books written by Edgar Rice Burroughs. One evening, John Carter stretches out his arms toward Mars, and is inexplicably transported to the red planet. There because of the light gravity, he has the ability to jump hundreds of feet in the air, and he has more manual dexterity than any other man on Mars! He is able to defeat 100 men at the same time, and he is elected warlord by a race of Martians. On March 9th, a movie is coming out that will be in theaters in the U.S. Even if the poem is not very good, I think you will find the trailer interesting!

I also want to say that the plot of the movie appears to be completely different from the plot of the books! If you and wondering why the poem is very different from the trailer, the reason why is that the poem is based on the books. The director of the movie has apparently decided to create his own story using the characters from the books, and not to base the movie on the story that is told the books. I am a big fan of these books and the story, and I have a feeling that I’m going to be very disappointed by this movie! I wish the director had not changed the story! I hate it when directors do that! The story that is told in the books written by Burroughs is much better than the story in the movie!

 I could not figure out how  to  put the video in the post, so in order to see in the video, you need to click on link at the very top of this post.

John Carter of Mars

He cut his teeth

On blood and gore

A veteran of

The Civil War


He reached

For the stars

And became a warlord

Of Mars


By the might

Of his sword

He led

A green horde


With great leaps

And bounds

He stole hearts

And crowns


Both red men

And green

Would elect him

As king


He went to Heaven

And fought through Hell

To end the myth

That people tell


He landed in

The Valley Dor

To end the rule

That superstition bore

 Copyright Michael Ethan Landau   all rights reserved.