Every two months, I read in my Poets and Writers Magazine about writers who are struggling to get published. I know that it is extremely difficult to get published, and to make writing a real career. I have sent in my poems to several magazines myself, and so far the only place that I have been published is in a little booklet called Cram in Chicago. The guy who publishes it claims that it counts as being published, even though everyone who gets published in it has to pay $20 in order to have their poem included in the booklet.

The guy passes the booklet out for free at poetry events in Chicago. He says that he does reject some of the poems that he receives, so I guess in that sense it does count as being published, but I still wonder whether most people really consider paying to have your poem published as really being a legitimate way of being published. Am I really a published author if I pay to have my work published? As far as I’m concerned, I don’t think that I will really consider myself a bonafide published author until I can get my work published without having to pay for it. I would like to make clear that this guy who publishes the poetry booklets is a very nice guy, and I do not want to sound negative about him in any way. He has a website that is very influential, and well known in the poetry scene in Chicago. I have at least one poetry friend was also been published by him, and I certainly do not want anyone to think that I am not appreciative of the fact that he is published several of my poems in his booklets. I just wonder whether most people would consider being published in his poetry booklet as really constituting being in a published author. I am not certain whether being published in his booklets really counts as being published, but I certainly appreciate the opportunity that he has given me to share my work with all others. I have also read my work at two poetry readings that he organized in Chicago.

This blog that you are reading right now is part of my plan for making money from my writing. You see, most people get published by sending their work to magazines and newspapers, and hope that they will be published in that way. My idea is to try to build up a following using this blog, and then put advertisements for various products and services on the side of the blog. If I do this, and then people buy the products through the advertisements that I have on my blog, then I will get a percentage of the sales from those products and services. There are people out there who have been able to make this model work for them. The idea here is not selling your writing, but selling products and services to the people who come to read your work. The problem with this model is that I would need to keep up a fairly high rate of posting in order to maintain enough of a following, but if it worked, it could potentially be much more lucrative than trying to sell the actual poetry, or writing itself. If any of you out there have any thoughts about this please leave a comment.