Several years ago, my favorite actress, Sheetal Sheth, starred in a movie called “I Can’t Think Straight”. The film is about two young women want to have a loving relationship, but of run into many problems because they come from traditional cultures where such relationships are not permitted. The film developed a large following in the lesbian community. There were so many requests for a continuation of the story that they have now decided to create the I Can’t Think Straight web series.

Initially the director, writer, and producer approached television networks, but the television networks wanted to remove the cultural elements, and make the story about an abusive relationship, and the people involved creating the film believed that this was not true to their original intent. They wanted to create a real love story with many cultural elements, so they decided that creating a web series would be the only way for them to maintain creative control of the story.

Although I am not a lesbian, or homosexual, I do believe that it is important for heterosexuals of conscience to get behind this web series. Quality portrayals of lesbians has long been absent in artistic cinema, and I believe that lesbians have important stories that should be told. Perhaps you have a relative, or a daughter who is a lesbian, or perhaps you are just a lover of quality cinema. Whatever the case maybe, I highly recommend that you investigate the creative team that is creating this series, and decide whether you wish to make a contribution. Please click the link below, if you have some interest in this endeavor.