This morning I had a cauchemar. I thought that this was a word in English as well as in French. However I cannot find it in an online English Dictionary. In French the word cauchemar means a nightmare. However, I always thought it referred to something more specific. In particular, I thought that referred to the type of nightmare in which one experiences sleep paralysis. Somewhere I heard that the origin of this word is pressing-devil. It is called a pressing-devil nightmare because one often has the experience of someone or something pressing down hard upon them so that they cannot move. This was precisely the experience that I had this morning. I had the distinct sensation than a pair of hands was pressing down upon me. The really bizarre thing about this type of dream was that there wasn’t much more to the dream. I only had the sensation that I was being pressed against the bed and that there was some other presence in the room, but all this was very vague. There was no real imagery involved. If anyone else has ever had this type of dream, I would like to read your comment.