I’m facing kind of a dilemma as to how to proceed with this blog, up until now, I have been posting fairly regularly. During the month of April, I posted a new poem every day. I did this for National Poetry Month. however, it will be impossible for me to continue this pace indefinitely. This is for two reasons. First, it is impossible for one to write a poem every day and still maintain a high level of quality. Good writing takes time for reflection, and I fear that not enough thought is going into my poetry at the current high rate of posting.

Second, as you may know, any writing that is published on the Internet is usually not eligible for publication in magazines, and entry into contests. For this reason, the moment I publish anything here, or anywhere on the Internet, it automatically becomes ineligible for publication anywhere else. For this reason, I feel that I must reconsider my current strategy, and approach. I welcome your comments, and suggestions, and I thank you very much for coming here, and reading what I have to say. I appreciate your time, and attention.


Michael Landau