The fix is in
how could we it be otherwise?
the emails tell all
connect the dots


Thoroughly corrupt politician
owned by Wall Street
two faced liar
one public, the other private


Her opponent?
Astoundingly stupid
thoroughly crazed megalomaniac
he checked his decency at the door


Defenders say
it’s how the system works
campaign in poetry, govern in pros


Can people really be so stupid?
Election, or Napoleonic plebiscite?
It certainly happened all before
only this time, we see it for what it is


I should have stopped with the last stanza
I can’t help myself
I want to go on and say more
being direct wrecks poetry
this poetry needs to be wrecked


We must elect the ice queen
we must save ourselves from the monster
that is the only argument they have to elect her
what if they are both monsters?


The only way to stop the upheaval
is to choose the lesser of two evils
that’s what we’ve been told
that’s what we’ve been sold


© 2016 Michael Ethan Landau all rights reserved