The light of the world shines from your eyes
time flies like bananas
in you, I see everything
we thought it would be a summer fling

You are my everything
you are my industrious dung beetle
you never quit no matter how much shit is thrown your way
I admire someone who can roll so much dung up a hill

You are my inner politician who knows the diplomatic thing to say
intuition has always been your thing
a nuclear explosion could not tear me from you
you possess a unique point of view

When you decided to study oceanography
that was definitely a sea change
I never learned how to discuss water
I’m not an Olympic diver, but at least I don’t pee in the pool in the pool

If I could come back as anyone
I would be Louis XV
and you would be Madame de Pompadour
together, we would rule the world in architecture, fashion, entertainment, and politics
nothing could ever stop me with you by my side

© 2016 Michael Ethan Landau all rights reserved