After thinking it over, even though Bernie has no chance of winning, I’m going to vote for him anyway. I think it’s important to vote for someone who has some principles. Hillary has been paid off by the people on Wall Street, and will do whatever they say. My head says I should vote for Hillary, but my heart says I should vote for Bernie, and that’s what I’m going to do. I think Bernie will really try to help people. He probably won’t succeed, but I definitely think that he would try. Hillary is just a traditional politician. If she is elected, it will just be more lies, and more business as usual.

The thing that really has me upset is that the Democratic Party in my town sent out a flyer with a sample ballot on it. For president, only Hillary Clinton’s name appears. So there you have it. The Democratic Party in my city is officially endorsing Hillary Clinton for president. That should make it crystal clear that they are not neutral.

I don’t think Democratic Party should be supporting Hillary Clinton, over Bernie Sanders in the primary, yet that is precisely what they are doing. I was going back and forth over who to vote for president, but now I have decided to vote for Bernie Sanders. I really don’t like it that the Democratic Party is doing everything in its power to ram Hillary Clinton down our throats! It probably even doesn’t matter if I vote for Bernie or not because probably Illinois will go for Hillary Clinton whatever I decide, but I have just decided that I want to vote for Bernie Sanders for president as a protest vote. it just seems like nothing ever really changes. Every four years politicians say that if they are elected they will bring change, but nothing ever changes, and I certainly don’t think that Hillary Clinton will bring any real change. If Bernie Sanders is elected, I definitely think that he will make an honest effort to bring change, and that is why I like him.

After having said all this, I could still change my mind and vote for Hillary based upon the things that I’ve stated in the previous post. This has been a very difficult decision for me, even though it may make no difference who I vote for in the primary. It’s just so difficult to make a decision both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have some negative issues. That’s why I keep going back and forth. However, currently, I am leaning toward voting for Bernie Sanders.

(I just noticed that there is a disclaimer small print at the bottom of the page inside the flyer that says that the above recommendations are the recommendations of my Congresswoman, and not officially the recommendations of the Democratic Party, but as far as I’m concerned the implication is still very clear.) Bernie Sanders does not appear on the sample ballot, and that has a psychological impact.

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