I might be leaning toward voting for Hillary Clinton. I really like Bernie Sanders’ ideas a lot, but the problem I have is how is he going to get them through a Republican Congress? All the wonderful ideas in the world are worth anything if they’re not achievable. I know many people say that Hillary Clinton’s plan with regard to health care doesn’t go far enough, but isn’t something that goes in the right direction better than something that has no chance of succeeding? I know that Hillary Clinton is a moderate, but from what I understand, so are the majority of the American people. The goal should be to get a Democrat in the White House. I think that Hillary Clinton would attract more moderates, and moderate Republicans then Bernie Sanders would.

I know that most people don’t think that Hillary Clinton is trustworthy, but how many politicians are really trustworthy in the first place anyway? I know her plans seem like “good enough” plans instead of bold, and exciting plans, but I think she might actually be able to implement her plans, whereas I’m not really sure that Bernie Sanders will be able to get any of his plans through Congress. I know that many in the Democratic base say, why can’t we elect a person who will do the things we want, just like the Republicans do. The problem is that very often the Republicans choose people who are just too conservative for the general public to accept. If we nominate someone like Bernie Sanders, don’t we run the risk of making the same mistake in the opposite direction? It’s great to be idealistic, but isn’t there something to be said for being realistic as well?

I know a lot of you out there that follow me on twitter really like Bernie Sanders, and I would really like to vote for Bernie Sanders, but in order to vote for Bernie Sanders, I really need answers to the questions that I have raised above, so please let me know what you think.

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