Daniel Tosh recently made an unbelievably hateful and offensive joke about a woman being raped. When a woman from the audience heckled him, he turned on the woman, and suggested that she should be raped by five guys right then and there.

I believe that this kind of joke is absolutely outrageous, and totally unacceptable! This comedian is followed by millions of young men! Whether he likes it or not, he is a role model for them! They listen to what he says! There is no question in my mind that him making a joke about rape will lead them to believe that rape is humorous, and an acceptable form of behavior.

He may say, that he’s¬† a comedian, and he can say whatever he likes which to some extent is true. However, he needs to realize that he has the ability to influence millions of young men, and it was incredibly irresponsible of him to publicly invite audience members to physically assault another member of the audience, even if it was in jest because there was absolutely nothing funny about it.

I’m absolutely sure that there some young kid out there who now thinks that it’s okay to rape women because Daniel Tosh thinks that it is funny!

As a public figure, he has a responsibility to realize that his actions have consequences! I think he should devote one of his shows to raising rape awareness!

It’s time for Daniel Tosh to step up, and use his influence in a positive manner!

Please click the link, and sign the petition!


Sorry for the off-top post. it pains me that I’m giving this mindless creature¬† publicity, but I feel this is very important!