Today, is the first major snow of the winter. I’m sitting here watching the snow fall down through my window. Today, I received an advertisement in the mail for a newsletter listing the worst pills to take, and the best best pills to take. For just $10 a year, I can learn which pills might kill me! The point of this newsletter is for people to avoid bad pills that were passed by the FDA even though they are harmful. The newsletter even claims that the powder that I use to kill fungus might cause my liver to fail! How can that be? They must be talking about the pill and not the powder, right? It seems like every day I read about something new that is going to kill me! Can one really worry about such things? Probably the best thing to do is to throw this advertisement away! What do you think?

I’m very terrible at New Year’s resolutions! Usually I don’t make them because I always fail to follow through. However, honestly, I can’t remember when the last time was that I actually made one. I really want to write a book of poetry! It is so difficult because I have many poems, and I am having great difficulty deciding which poems to include in the book. Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas about where, or how to begin?